Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tutti Frutti

I touched on this sweet establishment previously. Tutti Frutti at Reading central station is run by a very sweet woman, we're yet to learn her name! Me and James stop off here for an ice-cream milkshake every time we pass through. Every time it is delicious! It's £5 for the two of us and she fills them right to the top. James usually gets Oreo but were always convinced to try something new. All her ice-creams are homemade, some classic flavours strawberry, chocolate and coconut. Then the newer WOAH ice-creams, Greek yoghurt, New York cheese cake, Ameretto with cherry. My god, I'm going to be so fat.
There was a problem with the card machine today, but she'd already made our shakes. No cash on us either. Crap.
Tutti Frutti trusted our loyalty from simply knowing they had a fantastic product and we were repeat customers. They gave us a personal tab and were paying on our next trip! We love being recognised and just the familiarity and friendly homey feeling you get from small businesses.
I even got a mini ice-cream cone because my milkshake cup wasn't full! How much nicer can you get! Her staff are genuine and the place always has someone coming to say hi.

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