Thursday, 13 September 2012

Go Grease Lightning.

As some of you may know, I was in Grease the musical a while back. But flicking through some facebook pictures I reminisced over the many hours I had dancing and singing and for a short while, trying and failing to act. Although I did only have 5/6 lines. For you Grease fans out there I played chacha. At first I was chuffed that my audition got me a speaking part which I never thought I could get. Until I watched the film back and realised I basically was casted as the slag. Being a family production my outfits were never too revealing, thank god! We began rehearsing in September after auditioning the previous school year. As we got closer to the end of November, practise became a nightly routine.

When the costumes came I was stupidly excited to dress up in overly flamboyant glittery dresses and full on make-up. Dress rehearsals came and I loved my dress. A gorgeous, red sequined gown for the ball and some back of my wardrobe clothes for the day scenes. Shamefully I forgot my lines one day, I think it was because my brother was in the audience and I was trying desperately not to mess up... but I did, huge fail. My heart raced and my fingers began to sweat, but a quick rescue as I looked down to the band and they smiled and encouraged me through. That wasn't going to happen again, for the remaining 3 shows of 5.


On the Friday evening show, the male lead hosted an after party at his house, to which I was cordially invited. Being just shy of the age limit I stuck to the home made cocktails and alcho-pops. Nevertheless the whole experience was amazing and I urge anyone feeling too embarrassed to try out, to just go for it! Everyone else that is on set with you or behind the scenes aren't laughing so who cares? I was nervous about auditioning as I didn't have any close friends to try with, but I made loads of new friends afterwards. Every night was a full house of 400 and I felt like such a pro with my hands free microphone stuck to my face, even it was only for 20 minutes. 

Until next time... 

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