Friday, 7 September 2012

5 Outfits for back to University.

September, back to reality. Before you get back to the books, the most important thing first... outfits! How can you learn and be sociable if your not comfortable or confident! Looking and feeling confident is key for making new friends! And feeling pretty is essential. Here are my top 5 outfits I've found after scouring my favourite online websites. Strange weather usually leaves me in a pickle, wearing thin shirts and a massive coat. Don't let British weather catch you out this term, layer up your outfits and always have an umbrella ready if your bag. 

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Monday - You've had all weekend to prep your wardrobe and hair, so back comb and style big, glam curls. Layer a thin, tight, long vest top with a knitted jumper over the top. Style with bold accessories, high waisted jeans and detailed loafers. Choose an ombre, sheer scarf for added warmth.

Tuesday - After a long day and probably the first time you've seen 8am since last semester, your drained. Quickly grab together a simple long knit jumper and acid wash leggings. Layer with a skull printed beige scarf and aztec pumps. Match with aztec bangles and style your hair with a loose curl up do (loose curls would be leftover from yesterdays glam) add a glitter bow for shine. This means you spend less time faffing and more sleeping! zzzzz.

Wednesday - Feeling a little fruitier today, midway through the week. Team a funky aztec jumper with tinted jeans. Choose simple jewellery to compliment the patterns, comfy shoes are always essential. The  pattern detail on the boots match the jumper. And a gorgeous, practical duffle bag.

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Thursday - You can almost see the weekend! You want to get invited to the party and you want to impress. A printed statement vest, with a gentle flowing jacket is a nice contrast. A crocheted scarf and ripped jeans, because your a badass? Hrmm. A 3 joint ring with matching satchel bag.

Friday - Thank god. Here's an easy outfit you can turn from office to evening. Bring bold stilettos in your handbag, some dry shampoo hair spray for last minute adjustments and a stunning, sexy kimono top. Your ready for drinks after uni, with the girls, on a date or with a colleague.
You can find all these items from - RiverIsland, Topshop, Allsaints, Republic, New look and Asos.

Tip of the day - Carry a box of matches with you in your bag. If your at a house party or just at a new friends house and nature calls. You don't want to have an awkward moment. Light the match, blow it out after a few seconds and wave around the smoke. The smoke will instantly remove any bad smells ;) 

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good week back in college! :) Erica.

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