Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mario Cupcakes

I made these for my little brothers birthday. He's obsessed with Mario and we all know why! He's so cute and awesome, although I prefer Luigi. I originally wanted to make the figures from scratch out of icing, but I ran out of time. I ordered these little motifs on eBay, they cost £1.98 with free shipping! They're basically made from rice paper and coloured with icing. Theres loads of different designs to choose from so if you need to make something quirky fast, this is a great option! To stick them to your cuppy cakes, cut around the design (as they come as a large sheet of paper) ice your cupcake however you want, but make sure it is wet when your sticking the motif on. Apply slight pressure around the whole picture and TA-DA. Magical mario cupcakes.

Sorry its not very detailed, getting back to uni this week! Then everything will be explained and there'll be more gorgeous clothes and foodies. Until next time xo

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