Monday, 24 September 2012

Using £50 Wisely, on more clothes.

Have you heard of BooHoo? I love this website! Its gorgeous, up to date and affordable! I've got the opportunity to win a £50 voucher, for finding my favourite outfit. It all has to cost £50 or less and from Boohoo. The competition is being hosted by  Fashion Vouchers. I hadn't heard of them until recently but now they're on my saved websites. The keep you in touch with the latest deals, offers and sales. So here is my outfit entry:

I struggled to keep to the £50 budget because theres so much I want to share, but here are my top picks. Bright colours with a subtle shoe. Even if I don't win this competition I'm going back for this outfit. I may have cheated slightly using sale items, but every time I log on to them there always gorgeous things in the sale section. So go have a look!

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