Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stealing from the needy.

So upon catching the train today I noticed this horrific sign.

I may have a bias view on this being a student and living on my saved up pennies and 'designer' DIY accessories. But I'm pretty sure this is stealing? I mean, what would Robin hood say.
I found this at Newport Train station, where situated next to the main entrance is a lost and found office. From my experience scrimping and saving for my laptop, it'd be a painful day to find I had to pay after misplacing it. If you find something, its NOT finders keepers and you need to give it back! Criminals ask for you to buy your items back if they find it. I understand there are admin fees but surely not if they are going up in price?

Angry rant of the day over.

I've been beginning to notice, big finger bling is coming into fashion. And if it doesn't, fuck it, because I'm loving it. I love ASOS and have found loads of items that aren't on the high street and so looks more original (e.g The awkward your wearing the same outfit).
Here are a few of my favourites I've found online and they're surprisingly very comfy to wear too!

The only problem I find with cheap rings is that I can only wear them for a short while, I get the copper stain otherwise!

Tip of the day - Don't leave your valuables on the damn train!!
Thanks for reading!

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