Friday, 21 September 2012

Gypsy Warrior

I joined instagram recently. I was really reluctant because I thought it just another social network bragging game and adding filters. But it's actually pretty good. You can connect with people around the world and it's not about what they have and are doing as such. Its more about just sharing pictures. Its nice I like it, anyway. I found that when you post a picture and hash tag it a lot businesses will like it or if you search a certain print or item it shows loads of unknown businesses out there!
This is PERFECT for when you need something not on the high street, something different. I've found so many, but my favourite so far ? Gypsy Warrior. If you haven't heard of them go check it out. They're a gorgeous fashion statement from New Jersey. Their stuff really stands out, its edgy and has a lot of attitude. I'm reluctant to share this on here because I want to keep this little gem all to myself, but mum taught me to share. Damn.
Here's my top picks!

It's really unlikely you'll get the awkward same outfit situation that I always talk about!
If anyones stuck on what they want to get me for Christmas, there's a list ^^.
Happy shopping people! x

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